Monday, 29 June 2009

rains and memories

Finally....some rain....though not much but it had bought down the scorching Delhi's temp a bit. And it made me feel good and cool (literally !!).
Its fun to watch boys playing football while its raining on my society's park....reminded me of my college days. How I wish to join them and get drenched in the rain.
I remember one downpour, a hard one, when I was in my first year of college. We(our gang of 4 girls) were returning from college. On the way it started raining and before we could reach girl's hostel (gargi bhavan), we were wet. When we reached we saw a big pond freshly made with the rain just in front of hostel. We ran inside and kept our books in the visitor's room(that was the first room we could find to keep our books safely!).
We looked at each other, smiled and all of us ran back outside. We got drenched fully, stood in that pond with knee deep water, tried to swim, sang those rainy songs, danced, made loadsa noices and enjoyed so much. we also pulled our seniors, a like minded girly gang of 5, named MANSY. our gang's name is JAGS. (I will tell secret behind these names some other time) . SO JAGS n MANSY had loadsa fun together n enjoying the rain. We even posed for camera all drenched. was soooo much fun !!

How I wish to relive those moments, when we were so wild and free and just followed our heart's more than mind.