Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I found Treasure

The schools have re-opened after summer holidays. Now I have lot more time for doing things which are not possible to do in the presence of an active 4.5yrs old.
I was looking through this carton full of documents and notebooks the other day and found few empty and some sparingly used notebooks. I sorted it out and kept it for my son's writing practices.
I picked one of those notebooks for making my daily to-do list. ( yes, I make to-do list every morning and sometimes complete all listed tasks too ;-) )
So, yesterday when I was about to make my to-do list, I accidentally landed on the last page of the notebook.

The page had something written in hindi and it had my husband's hand-writing. When I read it all I was soooo happily surprised. I felt as if I found a lost treasure. Its a poem he wrote for our son on the eve of his second birthday as one of his birthday gifts. I was crying happily while reading it after so long. I could re-live those two years in these few lines.

Its true that children are God's blessings to parents.
How fortunate are we to have 'Sankalp aka Sunny' in our lives.
He is the sunshine of our life.

I would like to share that poem with you :

तुमने बदले हैं ज़िन्दगी के मायने,
देखा ज़िन्दगी को पनपते हुए,
अपनी आंखों से, अपने सामने,
साँसों को महसूस करते हुए !

तुम्हारी डगमगाती पावों की लय में,
मिली हमें अपनी स्थिरता,
वह मुस्कान, विश्वास और आनंद,
जिसे ढूंढा वर्षों तक, जिया इन दो सालों में,
उन छोटी उँगलियों ने,
मेरी हथेली सहलाते हुए बहुत कुछ कहा !

तुम्हारे सर के बीच में मुख छिपा कर,
स्वप्नों को ही तो जी रहें हैं हम !

तुम आधार, तुम विचार, तुम सवेरा,
तुम ही तो हमारे विश्वास का बसेरा !

नहीं आवश्यकता हमें बोधिसत्व की,
तुम ही तो अंत शाश्वात्ता की खोज का !

वह बिना बने शब्दों की भाषा का सत्य,
वह संकेतों से बनी दिशाओं का सत्य,
वह अँगुलियों से बनी स्थिरता का सत्य,
सत्य यही की तुमसे हमारा जीवन सत्य !

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Magical and musical : its rain

Rain has such lovely magical spell on us, isn't it ?
Today it finally rained after month long wait.

It was around 10 am this morning. I was busy in household chores: cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. Since it was windy and cloudy (those thick grey clouds which assures that it will definitely rain) so I was in better mood already, listening to country songs while doing chores.
I was changing the bedsheets when it started was raining cats and dogs....(this phrase reminds me of movie named 'The truth about cats and dogs', its a cute movie)

WOW....I felt sooo happy, smiling all to myself.
I left all the chores, came to balcony. Amazing...I thought lets have some rain fun (Sunny went to school so I was all by myself in the house).
I arranged my plants, got a chair and a small table to the balcony. I fixed my music system on that table and got an old tape which has fab yesteryear's songs. This tape I myself compiled and recorded when I was in college.( I will talk more about these songs in next post)
I sat in the balcony with latest issue of 'Good housekeeping' which incidentally has monsoon theme this month.
What a bliss !! listening to my favorite songs while flipping through the pages of my favorite magazine....and its raining...I felt so good after ages.
Every things is so bright and clear after being washed by rain. All these plants and trees around looks so shiny green, lively and happy as if they are dancing and romancing with rain.

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.....musical and magical, hai na !!!