Saturday, 13 February 2010

Aal izz well

"oh, you are not feeling well ?" says Sonny boy to mum.

Mum, lying in the bed, looks at him and says "yes sweetheart".

He says, "Dont worry, your doctor is here now."

Sonny boy runs to his room, searches through his toy baskets and find the (toy) doctor set.

He comes to mum with Stethoscope on his ears, "breath deeply mommy".

Mum obediently follows him. He says, "you are doing OK, let me do other checkups".

He goes back to his doctor kit again, brings the spatula and says, "open your mouth big mommy".
Mum did so. "wow...its nice", he says.

Then he brings the thermometer from his doctor kit, "Lets see your temperature", and places it in mum's armpit.
"Don't move your arm, lets wait for a while" and then he says "beep beep" and takes out the toy thermometer.

"you need to take the injection", he says.
Mum pretend to be scared.

He brings the toy injection from the doctor kit and press in on mum's hand.
"ouch", mum says.
"I am sorry, it hurts but you will be fine soon", he says.

Then he brings the small medical monitor from the doctor kit and keeps it on the side table of the bed.
"Will you watch TV ? Do you wanna watch "kung fu panda" movie?", He asks his mum.
Mum says,"its kids movie."
"OK then you watch '3 Idiots' movie.", He tells.
"my favorite song will soon come, 'bhaiya aal izz well'...." He smiles.
Mum smiles back brightly and pretend to watch the movie.

"You take rest mommy" he says and goes back to watch his favorite cartoon on (real) TV.

PS :
*boy :- my son Sankalp aka Sunny
*Mum :- me :)
That is the scene from my bedroom this morning. I am down with bad flu so I switched on TV for him and put his favorite cartoon. He watched tv for 2-3 mins and then came to bedroom.


  1. Kids...they fill us with such warmth...blessed are women who have such caring kids...and You are one of them....god bless both of you..imagine how i am feeling :-( both my fav ppl are not well.....You have viral and there Nidhi's kids have it...get well soon

  2. Awww....sooo sweet!!!

  3. Thats so sweet !! Bless him :)