Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I heard a talk from Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creative this morning from
First thing that came to my mind as soon as this audio visual started on my computer is, she looks so 'normal' just like ordinary people like us. And she was dressed so simple and everything about her appearance was so simple. I could relate to her even more, feeling she is sooo like me.

When I started listening this talk, I found first few minutes were not so engaging (I am very honest here) but as the talk progressed, I was glued to it totally.

The concept, the idea she brought forward here so 'non-science thing' but
I feel it indeed is true.

I call my self a creative person sometimes (for few little things I do) and I myself have felt 'that source' she had mentioned in this talk.
Please listen to this talk to experience yourself what I am trying to say here. And I promise you will not regret these 20 minutes.

Elizabeth Gilbert on Genius

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